Welp, 2020 has been a YEAR, hasn’t it? This holiday gift guide for wellness was a total necessity.

It goes without saying that taking good care of ourselves is always important. But when things get uber stressful—financially, politically or pandemically speaking—it becomes absolutely vital to take a step back and put a little extra effort into our own wellness.

The airline flight attendants were really onto something when they recited the same line hundreds of thousands of times: “Put your mask on before assisting others.” It’s just that important.

You’re no use to others unless you take care of yourself. Your wellness and health is a priority, and you are IMPORTANT to others. What better time than the holidays to remind ourselves and our loved ones of this?

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Wellness Lovers

2020 was the year wallets got tighter and wellness became a priority on an international scale. So, without further adieu, here’s the list:

CryoFacial – The Non-Surgical Facelift at Trim Studio
Ok, shameless self plug. But for real—who doesn’t want glowing, tighter skin? The Non-Surgical Facelift at Trim Studio includes a CryoFacial (targeted cryotherapy on the skin) plus a seaweed peel, deep cleansing and micro-current therapy. This is actually a more super-charged facial treatment than you’ll find at any Cryoskin studio in the United States. Mention this blog and we’ll give you 50% off your first treatment. Request an appointment here.

Love Wellness – Multivitamins With a Purpose
Corina is a longtime fan of this brand. (You’ll find her pantry fully stocked with at least 5 bottles of Bye Bye Bloat at any given time!) Better sleep, improved digestion, menopause relief—you name it, they’ve got a multi-vitamin for it. Sparkle Fiber and Bye Bye Bloat are absolute necessity for heavy holiday eating. Use this link to get $20 off your first order of $40 or more.

MPB Supplements – Lifestyle & Fitness Products 
The founder of this brand lost close to 100lbs, and along her journey towards better health she created this supplements brand featuring products that really helped her stay on track, have more energy and feel better. We’re HUGE fans of the Greens Powder and the Strawberry Kiwi Cal-Mag. Use code TRIM10 in their online shop for 10% off. (Also, ask for a free sample next time you’re in the Studio!)

Notox Life – Clean Living Products
This brand has considered the full spectrum of wellness and self-care in the development of all its products. You’ll find everything from ah-mazing shower vapor cubes (hello fresh eucalyptus in the shower) to zero waste dish washing blocks, eco-sponges and more—all 100% toxin free and made by hand. Shop here. This brand literally never has sales, BUT if you’re on our exclusive VIP list a top-secret discount code was emailed to you when this blog was published!

Bawdy Beauty – Booty Masks
We often forget to give extra love to the one thing that’s always behind us (literally). Bawdy’s full collection of butt masks has options for illuminating, rejuvenating, detoxifying and hydrating the toosh. These make great stocking stuffers! Go here for all things booty care or you can find them on the shelves of Ulta now. Congrats, Bawdy! And thanks for the hook-up… Use HOLIDAY30 on their website for 30% off! Woo hoo! 

Semaine Health – The Period Relief Supplement
We all have that one friend who has a particularly rough go during their time of the month. Semaine Health is a wellness brand that launched their high-potency herbal blend in 2020. It’s packed full of anti-inflammatory naturals that help allllll that discomfort when taken the week before and the week of your period. This product is Corina-tested and approved—it *actually* works! If you shop via this link, you’ll get $10 off your first bottle. (Seriously a godsend and wonderful gift.)

PEScience – Fitness Enhancing Products
Vegan. Protein. Ever. Truly, that’s all you need to know. This brand is local and is loved by some of the biggest names in fitness. Their holiday limited edition products are out now so, if you’re not gifting these, scoop up some for yourself! Use code BLASTERGIRL for 20% off on their website.

Sage on Sundays – Botanical Bundles
Hang this in your shower or any room in your home for a serious dose of “ahhh.” Combine the powerful decongestant properties of eucalyptus, the cleansing benefits of rosemary and the calming vibes of lavender, and what do you get? Literally the most beautiful and practical gift ever. This would be great for someone who can’t WAIT to make a fresh start in 2021, and at $13 you won’t find a more affordable, personal gift. Quantities are limited and always changing on their website. No discount code for this one, but so affordable and beautiful!

Le Saint – Luxury Marula Serum
Last but certainly not least, Le Saint’s marula serum is the ultimate luxury self care gift. This skin perfecter is a miracle for issues from dryness and wrinkles to irritation, dullness and more. It’ll make the perfect addition to any winter skincare routine. Our friends at Le Saint hooked you UP this year! The Trim family gets 30% off using code TRIM30 on their website. (You’re welcome!!!)

Did We Miss Something?

Is there a wellness gift you think should be added to this list? Let us know! We love supporting other like-minded wellness businesses.

Hope to see you at Trim this Holiday Season. Be merry!

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