At Trim Studio, we offer Cryoskin® cold toning technology (CryoToning®) for a number of beauty and anti-aging services. You may already know about and love the available benefits of CryoToning like a more lifted and sculpted look, as well as the vanishing effect it has on cellulite – but there are a few more benefits that are worth knowing about and taking advantage of as well!

Explore the Cool Benefits of CryoToning

While the idea of “cold therapy” is not at all new, the advantages of Cryoskin® compared to a drugstore ice pack include years of science and clinical study as well as a thermo-regulated application method which delivers all the benefits cold has to offer.

Whereas with an ice cube/ice pack the temperature is immediately seen to begin increasing as soon as it’s removed from its cold source (i.e. the freezer), Cryoskin’s temperature remains steady, goes up or goes down exactly how you program it to.

With Cryoskin, the technology is the source. In short, the benefits of cold (or heat) are delivered evenly and constantly for as long as you’d like at lower temperatures than you can get at home.

Relieves Pain

Cold is mother nature’s oldest and most effective anesthetic. For a sore knee, tender back or other area of injury, localized cold therapy at sub-zero temperatures delivers rapid pain relief. The cold decreases nerve conduction (ref) and slows down blood flow rushing into the area which can cause increased sensitivity.

Because the Cryoskin wand is manual, this drug-free pain therapy can be completely customized to your body and your needs on almost any area of the body, small or large.

Reduces Swelling

After injury or over use of an area, swelling occurs as a result. This is a natural inflammatory response to pain and is necessary for healing, but can result in extended discomfort and decreased mobility.

While some degree of inflammation is necessary (to send more blood flow and healing cells to the injured area), localized cold therapy temporarily restricts blood flow and tenderness which ultimately allows you to keep moving—which is also necessary for healing.

Helps Post-Surgery

After a surgery (as in liposuction of the abdomen or thighs, for example), CryoToning can be extremely beneficial to reduce swelling, smooth the operative area and reduce nerve sensitivity that may have emerged as a result of your procedure.

Boosts Blood Flow

A CryoToning procedure always includes  an alternation of cold and warm—the cold of the wand head, and the warmth of your technician’s hand on the skin. This, along with the gentle manual massage that takes place, increases flow to the area which ultimately restores oxygen and supports anti-aging and healing.

Stimulates Collagen

About 30% of the protein in our bodies is collagen. The strong fibers of this vital substance literally hold together our joints, ligaments, tendons, organs and skin.

Whether after a surgery, injury or just because of aging, the body can always use a little help in the collagen department, especially after age 25. By increasing blood flow, we increase your body’s ability to produce collagen. This has massive positive repercussions both functionally and aesthetically.

Try Cryoskin Cold Therapy (CryoToning) at Trim Studio

Ready to give this miracle cold treatment a try? Start with a consultation! Our treatment team will listen to your symptoms and health history to formulate a plan of action that best suits your goals. We may recommend a combination of cold and warm therapy (infrared blanket therapy) and/or compression as well, in order to give you the best relief and results for your situation.

Give us a call or send a text to our office at 727-288-4329, or fill out this secure online contact form to get started!

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