Cellulite is something 9 out of 10 women will deal with in their life, and men deal with it too. While it’s possible to lessen its appearance, the quest to get rid of cellulite completely is a mission that requires both knowledge and patience.


First of All… What is Cellulite?

The most important thing to understand is that cellulite does NOT (and I repeat!) equal “fat.” It’s a little more complex than that. Cellulite is caused by a few factors, and is made worse by many factors. (YAY!) Let’s look at the “ingredients” of cellulite…

Ingredient #1: Inflexible Connective Tissue
When the fibrous bands of connective tissue under the skin (called fascia) get tighter, less flexible and have “adhesions” (think clumpy scar tissue), this creates a bulging appearance of fat cells that are encased in that area squeezing up against the top layer of skin.

Ingredient #2: Thinning Skin
The skin gets thinner over time (newsflash: we naturally lose collagen as we age!)

Ingredient #3: Enlarged Fat Cells
Larger fat cells make the “bulging” worse. (If you’ve gained weight, chances are your cellulite may become more visible.)

Ingredient #4: Other Stuff
When the space AROUND and BETWEEN fat storage cells (called “interstitial space” if you wanna get fancy) gets a little too crowded–perhaps with water retention or a toxic overload–you’ll likely see more of the “bulging” effect, and thus a worsened appearance of cellulite.


What Makes Cellulite WORSE?

-Bad circulation in an area can lead to faster loss of collagen production, thinner skin and more inflexible connective tissue.

-A poor diet leading to toxic build-up, water retention and/or larger fat cells will worsen the appearance of cellulite. This will lead to the fat cells pressing up towards the surface of the skin more and, voila–hello dimply skin!

-Genetics and hormones can have a huge impact on cellulite and how visible it is on your body.

-Not drinking enough water makes your fascia stiffer and thus, a more visible appearance of cellulite.

Fascinatingly, because exercise is actually creates small “micro tears” in your connective tissues and muscle, working out may actually worsen the appearance of your cellulite! Solution? Take the extra steps to release adhesions and scars on the connective tissue. Get a massage or explore self therapy options to keep your fascia healthy.


Can We Actually Get Rid of Cellulite?

Here are our favorite treatment options for targeting the appearance of cellulite. While there is no “cure” to get rid of cellulite forever, you can certainly target and improve the factors that cause it to worsen over time. All of these treatments, together or or on their own, make a HUGE difference!

What? Verju Laser
Why? This laser both increases blood flow, targets collagen production AND shrinks fat cells. Verju is a triple threat where cellulite and body contouring is concerned.

What? CryoToning
Why? Two words: Instant results. CryoToning boosts blood flow and collagen and leaves skin looking and feeling ultra glowy. We’ve seen some serious cellulite appearance changes in just one treatment. If you have a special event or a photo shoot and you’re feeling self-conscious about because of cellulite, we highly recommend CryoToning.

What? Tissue Self-Massage with the “Fascia Blaster” Tool
Why? To our knowledge, this is the only clinically studied and proven tool for self-use and fascial manipulation. Ashley Black, creator of Fascia Blaster, worked with MDs and researchers to develop a proper protocol for success using her tools. In studies, where the appropriate amount of pressure and skin lubrication was used, significant visual reduction of cellulite was observed. These tools basically remodel your connective tissue scarring, release adhesions and allow the appearance of cellulite to improve. This is something simple you can do for yourself daily in the shower! (Read the Full Study: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/2331205X.2019.1606146)

Insider Tip: Book a cellulite massage upstairs at Botanica Day Spa and you’ll get the full recommended Fascia Blaster protocol for cellulite.

What? Normatec Compression
Why? Dynamic compression therapy (aka space boots) is super beneficial for supporting lymphatic drainage, increasing blood flow and circulation in the legs and supporting recovery. ALL of these things relate back to healthier connective tissue and better mobility and, thus, a reduced appearance of cellulite. (Plus it feels amazing!)

What? Infrared Blanket Therapy (AKA: The Burrito)
Why? Remember above when we talked about “the other stuff” that can make cellulite look worse? Infrared Blanket Therapy encourages blood flow in every inch of the body plus gentle detoxification through perspiration while also offering the feel-good benefits of infrared waves.


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