By Kelsi, a real human who was not paid to write this article. 

Imagine the tranquility of a trendy, boutique spa–but for fat loss. When you walk into Trim Studio of Clearwater, FL, that’s exactly what you get. I was received by the Verju laser treatment specialist, Jill, who greeted me at the door and delivered a beautiful spa-branded water bottle and the most comforting, instant-best-friend energy. 

She went over the treatment with me, the areas I was concerned with and the steps of the process so I knew exactly what to expect, as well as the crucial post-treatment steps (exercise, drink a lot of water, eat well). The treatment room looked exactly like a modern massage room, apart from the long, spidery-legged laser machine. 

We began a pleasant Consultation where we chatted about lifestyle and goals, after which I was measured and weighed. From there we dove directly into a treatment session. 

Here’s what a 2-in-1 treatment is like when you purchase a Verju laser package at Trim Studio!

My Verju Laser Treatment Experience at Trim Studio

At Trim Studio, all treatment packages are customized to your goals. With that in mind, every treatment appointment includes a full 40-minute Verjú laser treatment plus one of their other modalities–like a targeted CryoSlimming session, Compression Therapy or Infrared Sauna Blanket therapy. Two treatments for the price of one!

With the CryoSlimming service, the common areas of treatment are the stomach, thighs, “bra bulge” area and arms. Jill advised me treatment packages are usually designed to focus on one area at a time, and packages range in size from 8 treatments all the way to 24 depending on your goals. No matter what package you invest in, all of them include a 40 minute Verjú laser treatment in each session to deliver the biggest impact on the fat cells. 

During step 1 of my treatment session, the CryoSlimming began with 2 minutes of heating the treatment area at 104º degrees. In addition to feeling absolutely lovely, this warming massage “wakes up” the fat cells and brings them closer to the surface. Following that, 6 minutes on each side of the problem area was massaged over with the Cryoskin Slimming wand at a brisk 17º degrees. 

I would describe what it feels like  by comparing it to a stainless steel gua sha that you just took out of the fridge. But this chilly sensation is followed up with another 2 minutes of heat as part of the 3-phrase thermal shock to the fat cells. 

This was followed by two, twenty-minute Verjú laser treatments (front and back) right after the Cryoskin service to empty fat storage cells in the target treatment zone. This part was completely touchless. Zero discomfort and I honestly slept through it. The low-level laser technology is FDA-cleared which made me feel confident that it’s not just a Groupon science project. I was also required to wear goggles, because safety first! 

I love that Trim Studio combined these treatments to deliver the biggest impact. Verjú laser before and after photos were stunning and got me so excited about reaching my goals.  It’s remarkable what a green laser is capable of!

The Benefits of The Verjú Green Laser

With this laser, there’s no heat effect and it’s the first FDA market-cleared green laser for cellulite and fat reduction. Did I mention it’s also non-surgical? It’s a great alternative for anyone who wants to avoid going under the knife, and with these benefits, why wouldn’t you try it?

  • Shrinks/Collapses Fat Cells 
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Rebuilds Collagen in the Skin
  • Smooths the Skin
  • Restores Skin Elasticity

Trim Studio is your #1 source for Cryoskin and body sculpting in the Tampa Bay area. I read their reviews and scoured the Verju laser before and after pictures on their social media beforehand. I felt super comfortable based on what I had read, and my treatment experience lived up to the expectation. For personalized treatments in a quieter, specialized environment, contact Trim Studio today for a free consultation with Jill!

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