CryoSlimming and CryoToning are powerful and proven technologies in their own right. But can lifestyle changes help maximize Cryoskin results? The short answer is YES, so let’s dive right in.

Making the Most of Cryoskin Treatments

CryoSlimming and CryoToning are great ways to give your wellness goals a boost non-surgically, without any diet pills, chemicals, scrubs or snake oil. These technologies are safe and non-invasive, and best of all–they work! They’re also an investment, and we get it… it’s not cheap.

This is why our Technicians make sure to discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle when getting these treatments. Doing so will protect your investment. For example, if you go on a 100% pizza diet after you leave your Slimming session, it’s going to make it pretty difficult to see your results. Sure, the fat cells we eradicated will be gone. But weight gain in other areas can cancel out the benefits and later cause frustration and disappointment for you.

Tips for CryoSlimming Clients

As with all fat loss treatments, including surgery, you must hold up your end of the bargain by maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to optimize results. Here are a few tips we recommend:

1. Most importantly, you absolutely must follow the standard Before and After Instructions for CryoSlimming. This includes avoiding ALL carbohydrates before and after sessions.

2. Give your lymphatic system some extra love. You can do this by loading up on water, and by getting some form of daily exercise–even if just a brisk walk over your lunch break. Lymphatic drainage can also be very beneficial, and regular deep tissue massage is a relaxing way to move lymph and detox the body as well.

3. Adopt healthy eating choices. Most clients find this easy to do while on a CryoSlimming treatment plan because they start to see change in the mirror and they want to continue that change. Others struggle with finding the right diet choices they can stick to. Trim Meals is a great option for all of our clients and is a convenient way to establish and maintain a balanced diet.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol. When we consume beer, wine and cocktails, the alcohol has a powerful effect on triglycerides, which are fat cells in our bloodstream. Though we don’t fully understand what impact this can have on CryoSlimming, theoretically it can be devastating. Alcohol provides our bodies zero nourishment or nutritional value. It only feeds the fat cells we are trying to eradicate. If you ask us, it’s best not to jeopardize this process. Try to abstain from consuming alcohol while undergoing CryoSlimming altogether.

5. Show up for your appointments. Missing a session by a few days may not be problematic, but skipping appointments and spacing them out with weeks in between can be detrimental to progress. Please stick to your 15 day intervals. If you have a crazy schedule and need help with appointment times, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. We are open early and stay late on some days, so we have something for just about everyone.

Tips for CryoToning Clients

CryoToning is anti-aging at its coolest. (See what we did there?)

The mechanism behind this treatment is boosted blood flow and collagen production which encourages the skin to lift and tighten. As a result skin tone is improved, elasticity and bounce is restored and the appearance of cellulite is often diminished greatly. A few things you can do to optimize your Toning sessions:

1. If you are doing CryoToning to target cellulite, consider purchasing extra Fascia Blasting sessions with a Trim Studio technician. Because cellulite is multi-factorial, it’s important we hit it from multiple angles. Fascia Blasting supports healthy connective tissue and can have a vast impact on the appearance of cellulite plus bring additional blood flow, collagen production and improved mobility.

2. CryoToning is best done in a series and then continued on a maintenance plan. For example, a series of 5 intensive treatments, then once per month or as needed such as before a pool party or photo shoot. Collagen production, cellulite and skin sagging are each ruled in part by the aging process, which isn’t slowing down. In fact, most experts agree after age 20 collagen production takes a major hit.

3. Avoid collagen killers, such as excessive sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy processed foods or an overly sugary diet. All of these are examples of ways to load the body up with toxins, halt blood flow and impede natural collagen production. Take care of yourself! If wellness and anti-aging is important to you, keep yourself hydrated, eat a balanced diet and seriously consider quitting smoking. Some form of daily exercise is highly recommended both for your physical and mental health as well as its impact on signs of aging.

We’re Here to Help

An overall healthy lifestyle will support both CryoSlimming and CryoToning so you can achieve maximal results from your treatments. If you have any questions at all about how to best optimize your lifestyle in support of your Cryoskin treatments, please reach out to us by calling or texting us at 727-288-4329 or via email at chill@trimstudiofl.com.

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