Treatment Pricing


Trim Studio Pricing

Trim Studio pricing is designed to encourage treatments in a series. Although many clients see immediate, visible results after one session, packages are recommended in order to achieve optimal results.

For more information about treatments, please contact us to request a complimentary in-person consultation. We look forward to seeing you at the Studio!


Consultation | Appointment Length 20-30 mins

This is a complimentary required first step in order for our technicians to develop personalized Treatment Plan recommendations, ensure candidacy and offer education and insights on all the services we offer.

Body Contouring Treatments | Appointment Length 1 hour 15 minutes

CryoSlimming, CryoToning and Verju Laser Sculpting address stubborn fat, sagging skin, cellulite and dull or uneven skin tone. We will create a personalized Treatment Plan recommendation utilizing Verju Laser + 1 of our additional modalities in each appointment (for a total appointment length of 75 minutes.) Your custom plan will be determined after an in-person consultation has been completed. Most clients will benefit from a minimum of 8-16 sessions with appointments 1-3 times per week to achieve desired results.

Single Session – $375 *your first single session is always 50% off!
Package of 8 – $2600
Package of 16 – $4400
Package of 24 – $6000

Normatec Compression Therapy | Appointment Length 30 mins

Normatec Compression Therapy is offered to our package clients as an optional add-on to body contouring treatment plans, or on its own as a way to boost overall wellness and recovery, improve sleep, increase blood flow, decrease swelling and inflammation.

Single Session – $40
Package of 8 – $300
Package of 16 – $560

Infrared Sauna Blanket Therapy | Appointment Length 30 mins

Infrared Sauna Blanket Therapy is offered to our package clients as an optional additional add-on to body contouring treatment plans, or on its own as a way to boost overall wellness, improve sleep and promote relaxation while stimulating the lymphatic system (to assist with purging dead fat cells post-treatment.)

Single Session – $40
Package of 8 – $300
Package of 16 – $560

Anti-Aging CryoFacial | Appointment Length 30 minutes

CryoFacials gently target micro-circulation in the face, neck and decolletage area for a boost in collagen production and to fight signs of aging. This special CryoToning treatment, also called “The Instant Facelift,” exposes skin to alternating warm and cold temperatures, resulting in increased oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood flow to skin cells thus boosting the production of collagen and elastin, two vital proteins which make up skin and give it that bouncy, elastic quality. Results are seen immediately, but this service is best enjoyed in an ongoing series weekly or monthly for best results.

Single CryoFacial – $65

*Packages not currenty available for CryoFacials. 

Fascia Blasting | Appointment Length 30 mins

Fascia blasting is performed by a licensed massage therapist to further encourage collagen production, improve blood flow and restore healthy connective tissue. Strongly recommended for clients treating areas of cellulite or decreased mobility. We collaborate with Botanica Day Spa to perform this service. Pricing and availability on request, or contact Botanica directly: 727-441-1711 // www.botanicadayspa.com

Percussive Lymphatic Stimulation | Included

Percussive lymphatic stimulation is included at no additional cost with all Verjú Laser sculpting treatments to assist the body in removing the liberated fatty material, as well as to address cellulite on the legs, buttocks and backs of thighs.

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